COVID response

Values, Practices, Policies 

As we’ve considered our path forward as a body during the pandemic and the present surge, we’ve taken time to revisit our values as All Saints Holland. It’s good to be reminded of who we are as the people of God in this particular time and place. The practices and policies we have established for our worship life, flow from our values, and a place of deep love and care for all of you. 

We value the Eucharist

Our way of life together as an Anglican church necessitates that we physically gather together to worship the living God regularly, and we are nourished by His word and Sacrament when we come together.  This is the most important and orienting practice for any Christian. 

Practice: We will continue to gather for in-person worship as long as there is a reasonably safe path forward, and we’ll encourage gathering together creatively, safely, and often outside of worship.  


  • personal agency, and community care: if you are ill or symptomatic, or have experienced a known COVID exposure, please follow CDC guidelines for your safety and that of our community. 
  • streaming services: while a livestream of Sunday worship has helped to keep us connected over the past few months, we will discontinue our livestream after Lent. 
  • Home Communion: in place of a livestream, Lay Catechist Tim West will be available for bringing holy communion to your home, if you’re ill and unable to attend worship. To request a visit, please contact Tim directly:  

We value Formation 

As a community of disciples, we value and practice the biblical commands to submit to authority as part of our formation.  We will do what our bishop asks and obey our governing authorities in all things good and lawful, while we weigh the recommendations given by the many other community and government agencies. 

Practice: Pray for and honor our Bishop and governing officials, pray for and trust the appointed All Saints leadership to make the best decisions for our body. 


  • regular monitoring: We will monitor and seek to follow the directives of our diocesan leadership and governing officials, looking to the Ottawa County Department of Public Health for particular policy guidance. 
  • creation of COVID subcommittee: The Vestry will be taking a more active role in working with Father Brian and staff on evaluating concerns and setting COVID related policies through the creation of a COVID subcommittee, including vestry members Chris Marlink and Shannon Dykstra, and ASH Operations Director, Jake Norris. Please direct COVID policy related questions and concerns to a vestry member of this group. 

We value Reaching Out 

Our discipleship includes caring for one another and protecting the vulnerable in our community.  We are willing to be generous and accommodating for the sake of others, even if it stretches us to be uncomfortable and sacrificial.  We endeavor to bless and honor one another.  

Practice: There will be space in our worship gatherings for those with different needs, and comfort levels, and to ensure that we minimize spread of the virus in our community. 


  • mask recommendation: The CDC and Ottawa County Department of Public Health recommends mask wearing for those with underlying health concerns or are otherwise at risk. We particularly urge you to follow this guidance. We acknowledge that the most vulnerable among us may feel this recommendation does not go far enough, and for those brothers and sisters we are offering an at-home eucharist option (see above). 
  • space for those wishing to mask and social distance: The balcony space and the marked space on the main floor of the sanctuary will continue to be reserved for those who will be masking during services and wish to maintain social distance. Out of love and respect for those with vulnerabilities or other concerns, we ask that everyone observe this set aside space. 
  • masks for little liturgy and nursery: at this time, we will no longer require masks for either children or adults serving in Little Liturgy or in the nursery. We will have masks available for children 3 and up, should you desire.