Life is so much better together, and exactly what our good God intends for His children.

He calls us sheep: a group, herded together, needing and following our Good Shepherd.

He says we are His body - many parts, many gifts - with Him as our Head.

He includes in His family, living life together under the care of a good Father.

At All Saints Holland, this life together gets lived out and expressed by all of us being linked into a Home Parish community.   Home Parishes are where we celebrate the joys of life and support one another through the sorrows.  Home Parishes are where we begin to use and grow the gifts entrusted to us by the Father.  Home parishes are the community in which we model and multiply His love and care for our neighbors.

Our Home parishes


Marriage & family

We're growing in faith and walking through life together as we embrace the joys and challenges of marriage and family.

We meet Monday nights, time and location vary.



glass house

We explore God’s beauty through the arts.

We meet 3x monthly at the Glass House (and sometimes on Zoom for now), rotating between whole-family gatherings, ladies’ gatherings, men's gatherings, and (eventually) couples' gatherings.


all sages (wise guys)

We're folks “of a certain age" who refuse to stop being active children of God.

We meet via Zoom (for now) on Sunday mornings for morning prayer. The ladies meet (also Zoom) on Thursday afternoons for book discussions.

central city

central city

We are connected by Christ for service and fellowship in central Holland.

We meet Monday evenings, either outdoors or at the chapel, for book discussion and prayer.  Men and women alternate weeks.

Questions about home parishes?