Lent gives us a fresh opportunity to come before God as a listener and with an attentive posture.  We hope these prayer experiences are one way for us to do that, separately but together and unified, this season.  During the next 12 weeks, (6 weeks in Lent and 6 weeks in Easter), a simple contemplative & creative exercise will be posted here, noting the time required, materials needed, and an audio file to guide you. 

When you are ready to begin, make sure you have the materials ready and a way to listen to the audio file clearly.  Each of these weeks stand alone and can be done at any time.  They will remain on the website for you to do at your own pace.  

Please enter into these times playfully but expectant!  Try not to critique yourself; just enjoy the process and observe what and how God might speak through it.  There will also be a comment section after each exercise so we can share with each other what we noticed and post pictures, if you desire.  You do not have to show your work to anyone, but if you do choose to share we will be so grateful for your contribution.  Some weeks the activity may feel uncomfortable or not as helpful, and that is OK.  Just pay attention.  Other weeks, we hope, will reveal deep truths to your spirit and linger with you for some time.  

Special note for those with young children: Most of these prayers can be done with children as young as preschool age. For the most benefit, we suggest doing the exercise on your own first, then deciding if your child would enjoy it and guiding them through it at a later time when you can give them your full attention.

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