What is the Liturgical calendar?

The Liturgical Calendar is an annual journey in the life, death and resurrection stories of Jesus and his Church.

It follows two cycles of Holy Days and a season of Ordinary Time.

The Incarnation Cycle is the beginning of the Christian year.

It starts with Advent and proceeds through Christmastide and the season of Epiphany.

Ash Wednesday ushers us into the Pascal Cycle and Lent

Holy Week transitions us from Lent into the season of Easter.  

The Pascal Cycle ends on Pentecost.

The season after Pentecost, typically called Ordinary Time, carries us through the remainder of the Christian Year, until Advent begins again.

Why follow the Liturgical calendar?

The seasons of the Liturgical Year orient the Church and our life of discipleship as we follow Christ through our own seasons of life. 

Each season and celebration offers us perspective, truth and encouragement for our own walk of faith.  


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